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Vpcok Direct Extractor de Jugos, Celery Juicer Machines Vegetable and Fruit,Cold Press Juicer for Celery/Vegetable/Wheat, Masticating juicers, Slow Juicer Machine, Juice Extractor with Cleaning Brush



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Nutritious HelperSlow pressing technology is suitable for a variety of fruits and vegetables, no matter which kind of juice you like, this slow masticating juicer extractor cold press can satisfy you. The slow juicer using advanced low-speed slow squeezing and the principle of separation of juice residues, it reduces the damage to the cell structure and fiber of fruits and vegetables. The squeezed vegetable juice is rich in vitamins, more nutritious and healthy, and has a delicate taste. The juice yield of some fruits and vegetables is as high as 90%. Juicer Medical Medium Suitable for All Ages

    The child takes in essential nutrients every day and grows up healthily every day.For people who lose weight to obtain high-fiber, high-vitamin and other healthy ingredients.Drinking for the elderly is good for the health.At family gatherings, everyone drink homemade nutritious and healthy drinks together.The Package Comes with a Portable BottleThe juice machine is equipped with a accompanying bottle, which can pour the juice into the accompanying cup for storage to prevent oxidation.Easy to Clean Juicer MachinesAll parts of auger juicer can be disassembled to avoid cleaning blind spots. The filter of triturating juicer is a pomace non-stick one, which can be rinsed and washed without additional cleaning tools.
    Nutritious and delicious: The extractor de jugos y vegetales adopts the principle of advanced low-speed slow pressing to evenly squeeze out the nutrients such as active enzymes, minerals and active vitamins that are richly preserved in the juice, easily squeeze 100% pure original juice of fruits and vegetables, its juice residue is divided into heavy metals and pesticide residues, delicious and can be used for various vegetables and fruits.
    High juice yield: compared with other types of estractores para jugos y vegetales masticábles, the juice maker two adjustable gears and lower rotational speed. The lower the rotation speed, the more juice, less residue, no waste of water of fruits and vegetables, so as to get a perfect cup of juice, for celery and other vegetables with sufficient moisture, the juice yield can be as high as 65%-75%, nutritious and healthy, suitable for people of all ages to drink.
    Low noise easy to clean juicer: the small juicer will only produce a very small amount of noise during the work process, to achieve smooth and quiet operation, after use, each part is easy to disassemble, according to the instructions for operation after disassembly, just rinse in water, in case the residue on the filter funnel can not be rinsed off, you can use the product equipped with a small brush, easy to remove the residue and reduce the damage to the hands.
    Safe and easy to use: The vegetable juicer machines is set with a reverse button to prevent the clogging of ingredients, to avoid damage to the machine caused by clogging operation and extend the life of the juicing machine, the control panel button is simple, long press the reverse button for 3 seconds, the fruit machine will be clogged residue turned out, all operations can be operated by the button, easy to use.
    High quality service: If you have any problems with the fruit extractor, you can contact our service team at any time, we will do our best to provide you with the most effective and reasonable solutions and the most attentive after-sales service.


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