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Tenhulzen Automotive 2-Wheel Alignment Tool – All-in-one (Camber/Caster/Toe Plates) – Made in USA



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The Tenhulzen Automotive 2-Wheel Alignment System allows you to easily and accurately measure an axle’s toe, camber, and caster.

Toe Measurement – Instead of crudely leaning against the tire like other brands, our product’s stand-offs measure from the wheel rim itself, enabling more accurate measurements.

Camber Measurement – The gauge is accurate to 0.1 degrees and can be calibrated for non-level surfaces in seconds. This produces much more accurate results than the cheap bubble levels.

Caster Measurement – Instead of requiring expensive turn plates to measure caster (like other brands), our product has turn plate functionality built in, making this a true all-in-one package!

Fitment: If you have a Lifted/4×4 vehicle, larger than stock offroad tires, or a commercial vehicle, the tire sidewall may be too tall for these to work. They will work with a sidewall height of up to around 7.5″.

Perfect for:
-Aligning a vehicle after replacing suspension components (tie rods, etc.)
-Making camber/toe alignment changes in your garage, at the track, etc.
-Adjusting alignment to you personal desired specifications
-Saving money!!!

-One 2-wheel plate with camber gauge
-One standard 2-wheel plate
-2 High Resolution Tape Measures
-Tenhulzen Automotive Digital Readout
-Degrees Conversion Chart
-Video Instructions (written instructions also available for download)

****We are a USA owned and operated company and offer support 7 DAYS A WEEK****

All-In-One Tool Measures Camber, Caster, AND Toe!
Patent Pending wheel stand-offs provide unparalleled accuracy.
Camber Accurate to Within 0.1 Degrees (much better than a bubble gauge).
Expensive Turn Plates Are NOT Needed for Caster Measurment.
Detailed, Step by Step Video Instructions.


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