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Sungale CPF1909 19″ Wall-Hanging Commercial Digital Signage; Promote Company, Product, Service, or Organization with Images, Music, and Videos



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Product Description

Sungale Digital Signage System Total Solution

Sungale Digital Signage SystemSungale Digital Signage System

Sungale total solution digital signage system provides full series of signage display display screens from 7″ to 23″, set top boxes. 100% cloud based content integration management and hosting platform, allows you manage and update contents remotely anytime anywhere. Minimum setup process and simple and low cost fee, widely applicable on broad needs from small business to chain stores.

DS standDS stand

Brand new digital signage stand with hand sanitizer station

Provide hand sanitizer to your customers while display advertising contents at the same time.

Different size optionsDifferent size options

Different size screens for different needs

We have you covered with various display options. For closeup viewing, 7 and 10 inch models are available for desktop display. For larger areas, there are 14 and 19 inch wall hanging models. Looking for even larger size? No problem. A converter box is available to be connected large screens.

100% cloud content management system

100% cloud content management system

100% Cloud based content management

100% Cloud based content management

Multimedia contents

Multimedia contents

100% Cloud Based Easy Content Management

Unlike traditional advertising display that needs human intervene to update contents, Sungale digital signage solution use 100% cloud based system to automatically send new contents to displaying screens. As long as display units have Wi-Fi connection, you can send contents to them whether from home, office, or even on vacation place, through any computer.

Manage Multiple Signage Screens under One Cloud Account

You can manage content for an unlimited number of display units independently under one cloud account. You can assign a group of units display a particular selection of content, while some other screens display completely different contents, or all units can each have same or different content displaying, all from one central cloud account. You have complete control over as many display units as you wish!

Multimedia Media Contents to Suit Your Needs

Add and display content you know will draw attention to your target audience, whether it through images with music or voiceover, video clips or a combination of both! You have full control of what will appear and when it will appear on each and every display unit

Simple setup

Simple setup

Play offline content

Play offline content



Easy and Simple Setup

Setting up signage units is easy in 3 steps, minimize your cost on installation.

1. Power on your display screen by connecting power cord.

2. Setup Wi-Fi connection on your display screen.

3. Add the display unit serial number to your signage cloud account (free to register)

No Wi-Fi, No Problem

At some locations that don’t have stable Wi-Fi connection, signage units can still display offline contents no problem, they will loop previously downloaded contents until Wi-Fi become available again, download new contents if available.

Simple & Affordable Service

Sungale digital signage service are very

affordabele. Purchase your desired signage screen(s) which are priced very reasonably comparing to other commercial products. And you can register a free sigange cloud account, with 30 days no obligation trial period with no payment setup needed. If you decide to move forward, the subscription fee is very affordable.

*Additional streaming charge might occur if too much streaming

Widely applicableWidely applicable

Wide Applications from Small Business to Chain Stores

Display Size
Your own screen 19 inch 14 inch 10 inch 7 inch

Display Resolution
Your own screen 1366×768 1366×768 1024×600 1024×600

Touch Screen Operation
Not supported Not supported Not supported

Remote Control Operation

Not supported Not supported

Supported Contents
Photo/Audio/Video Photo/Audio/Video Photo/Audio/Video Photo/Audio/Video Photo/Audio/Video

Cloud Management

Wi-Fi and Ethernet Wi-Fi only Wi-Fi only Wi-Fi only Wi-Fi only

Send PROMO content to Display on this 19″ wall-hanging digital Display from anywhere. Ideal for high traffic areas like lobbies, banks, & supermarkets
Promotions and Product introductions can be sent to Display instantly on digital signage at all branches and store locations from one central location.
Simultaneous loading and sending of content saves time and effort and reduces mistakes. You can also assign Each unit its unique content to Display
Easily manage your digital advertising and scale up the Number of signage units according to your needs. Have as little as 1 unit or as many as 10, 000 can be managed from 1 central location.
Utilize videos or images with voiceover or music to grab attention.Mounting type: VESA (100 mm x 100 mm)
70 hertz


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