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Seboss Hardware Cloth 1/2 inch 36 inch x 100 Foot 19 Gauge, Galvanized After Welding, Chicken Wire Fence Wire Mesh Roll Wire Cloth Tree Guard Welded Wire Fencing



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Product Description

Seboss Hareware ClothSeboss Hareware Cloth


Seboss Metal Industry Company was established in 2009, SEBOSS is a manufacturer and trader specialized in the research, development and production of metal wire mesh. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. Since its establishment, Seboss has paid attention to the efficient production of products and reduce manufacturing cost, and adapts to the use environment of various countries, and continuously invests in the development of new products. All products must undergo rigorous testing.


Since Europe, Seboss has started its own global sales path, entered Germany in 2011, the United Kingdom and France in 2012, Japan and Singapore in 2014, and Australia and New Zealand in 2016. Starting in 2020, Seboss has started online sales, and gradually presents all products to you.

SEBOSS believes that Time Will Tell Everything.

Size: 36inch by 100foot

Gauge: 19GA

Opening: 1/2 inch

Product standards of Seboss

Soaking Test

Soaking Test

 Salt Spray Test

 Salt Spray Test

Wire Tensile and Trength Test

Wire Tensile and Trength Test

30 Days Soaking Test

Each batch of SEBOSS products will be immersed in oxygen-enriched water for 30 days, and can be delivered to consumers after meeting the strict conditions of SEBOSS.

So if you use SEBOSS products outdoors and it often rains, there is nothing more suitable than our products.

96 Hours Salt Spray Test

The presence of salt makes the rust faster. SEBOSS products use 96 hours of salt spray test, which is equivalent to 8 years of use in a natural environment.

In some areas, such as the use in a seaside high-salt environment, the experimental situation will be somewhat different from the actual situation.

Wire Tensile and Trength Test

The tensile test can determine a series of strength indexes and plasticity indexes of materials. Strength usually refers to the ability of a material to resist elastic deformation, plastic deformation and fracture under external forces.

Only in this way can all products of SEBOSS maintain the high level in the metal industry.


Why choose SebossWhy choose Seboss

The Difference Between Seboss and Others Low Carbon Steel Wire Galvanized After Welding Double Galvanized, Hot-Dipped Carton Packaging Free Accessories Excellent Customer Support

Product Features Sturdy Structure

Our products are constantly improving welding methods, these methods are not unique. Only high quality steel wire and good methods can improve product quality.

Multiple Uses

In addition to the general functions we know, many customers make different products with endless wire mesh, such as home decorations, handicrafts, etc. We want to explore these functions with you.

48”x100′ 36”x100′ 36”x50′ 48”x50′ 48”x100′ 48”x50′

1/2 inch 1/2 inch 1/2 inch 1/2 inch 1/4 inch 1/4 inch


Double Zinc Coating

🔴The quality of galvanized hardware cloth depends on two aspects: wire type and galvanizing process. SEBOSS uses low carbon steel wires, which are very strong and flexible. SEBOSS adopts the double galvanizing process to ensure that all solder joints are coated with zinc, because rust usually starts from the solder joints
🔵SEBOSS adopts advanced technology for production, which is environmentally friendly and efficient, and can also reduce production costs. The entire production process is under strict control: raw material procurement, surface treatment, welding, second surface treatment, quality inspection, packaging, and second quality inspection are all in a standardized process, so that it can meet your expectations as much as possible.
🔴This item is very heavy, and long-distance transportation may easily to cause damage to it. In order to avoid this situation, SEBOSS adopts high-cost carton packaging to reduce the risk of damage to the goods. In addition, we also provide some accessories that you may use for free, which will be sent to you with the product.
🔵This wire mesh roll is suitable for chicken run/coops fence, raised garden beds, screen mesh, rabbit fence, tree guards, drains, under eaves, soil sifters, gutter guards, flower beds, poultry enclosure, home improvement projects, handicraft making, etc. what you want it to become, it is what. But please note that whether its size and mesh size are what you need. If it is not what you want, please go to the SEBOSS store and choose them again.
💯All SEBOSS products have a 5-year quality guarantee, and rich accessories are provided to suit all your usage conditions. If you buy the item of inappropriate size, etc, or you just don’t like it, you can go back at any time. We will provide you with a refund or exchange service within 24 hours. You can choose it by yourself through Amazon, Buy SEBOSS hardware cloth NOW. SEBOSS’s 150 employees promise not to let you down!


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