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SAYHA Electric Guitar, 39 Inch Solid Full-size Electric Guitar HSS Pickups Starter Kit Includes Amplifier, Bag, Digital Tuner, Strap, String, Cable, Picks (Black)



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Product Description

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1 X SAYHA Electric Guitar

1 X 5w Amplifier

1 X Bag

1 X Digital Tuner

1 X Strap

1 X String

1 X Cable

2 X Picks

The SAYHA Electric Guitar

Tailored for you who love the music!

The SAYHA Electric Guitar is right-handed Guitar, which is handmade with an all wood construction, delivering smooth tone. Perfect Choice for beginner and intermediate players – ready to use out of the box.

You can experiment with different styles and genres of music through adjustable sound. you can play anything from blues to rock.

Dusk, sunset, breeze, melodious light music and you playing the guitar, is it your colorful life?

What are you waiting for?

Come and start your guitar dream! !

kids electric guitar

kids electric guitar

intermediate guitar

intermediate guitar

guitars for beginners

guitars for beginners

6 string bass guitar

6 string bass guitar

Precise Tuning

Scientific gear ratio design makes the pitch more stable.
Rosewood fingerboard enhances the feel and it can relieves playing fatigue!
Tuning Pegs are made of copper nickel, it’s firm, dust resistance and long lasting. It is easy tuning and to keep the tuned string held in position.

Smooth Fingerboard

The frets polished by hand, it will not hurt your hands when playing.
The natural, bright sound complements the warm sounds of the solid wood.
The fret position markers on the top and the side of the fingerboard help you recognize the notes quickly.

5-way Pickup

The Pickup can fine tuning on the guitar
You can change the sound of your guitar from funky to shrill with a lot of sustain using the 5-way pickup selector.
You also can use the tremolo arm to adjust the tension on the strings. With the tremolo arm you can create awesome effects, like the famous Dive Bomb.

High-Quality Standards

SAYHA Electric Guitar is made of solid linden wood, with the Canadian Maple neck with “C”shaped profile.
It has an ergonomic ST design and a striking high-gloss finish, you can long-lasting use, which makes you fondle admiringly.

junior electric guitar

junior electric guitar

black electric guitar

black electric guitar

electric guitar bundle

electric guitar bundle

It Made by hand from premium wood, after the designer’s meticulous design and polishing, a unique and high-quality guitar is formed.

Perfect technology, long-lasting stability.

This electric guitar simple and easy to understand, you will get started soon. You can learn by yourself according to online tutorials, or you can be guided by professional teachers, friends and parents who can play, start your musical journey!

You will find that learning guitar has never been easier!

It is not restricted by any venue. You can enjoy your music on the grass, on the beach, on the stairs, or even on the rooftop. This will be your exclusive music.

SAYHA Electric Guitar, be your own voice, make the world amaze!

39 Inches 39 Inches

Hand Orentation
Right Handed Right Handed

6 Steel Strings 6 Steel Strings

Protection method

The best storage humidity for the guitar is 50% and the temperature is 25°C. Placed in a cool dry place.
After the performance, wipe the piano with a dry cloth, keep it clean, and clean the dedicated fingerboard and strings to keep it lubricated!
Please do not expose to the sun directly for a long time to prevent deformation and sun breakage!

🎸 S-S-H pickups: Two classic Single-coil pickups and One Humbucker pickup has strong stability and increased the thickness of the sound. S-S-H pickups is suitable for a Texas blues/rock sound.
🎸 Electric Guitar: The SAYHA electric guitar has a pickup selector, two tone controls, a volume control, and a whammy bar. The removable whammy bar produces tremolo effects, and the tremolo bridge system allows you to bend the pitch as you play.
🎸 Rechargeable MINI Amplifier: It have two tone channels (Clean/Distortion). You can get different tones by adjusting GAIN and TONE, which is more suitable for playing different styles of music. The MINI Amplifier is not restricted by the venue, easy to carry and play anywhere.
🎸 The SAYHA ultimate starter package has full-size guitar & all the parts & equipment that they need to rock straight out the box. A perfect choice for novice & intermediate players. In addition, our electric guitar has an ergonomic ST design and a striking high-gloss finish, which makes you fondle admiringly.


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