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Ovanto Knife Sharpening Stone Set – 4 Grit Whetstone Knife Sharpener 400/1000 3000/8000, Wet Stone Sharpening Kit with Flattening Stone, Angle Guide, 3 Non-Slip Rubber Bases, Bamboo Base & Premium LID



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wet stones for sharpening knives

wet stones for sharpening knives

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blade sharpener


I slice and chop all day; sometimes even frozen beef and I need my knives to be always in a good shape. I normally use a honing rod that I have had for many years, but my blades came to a point where the rod was not sufficient anymore, so I decided to give it a go and use a proper wet stone sharpener. I am very pleased with it and once a month I refine the blades of all my knives in no time.


You know what they say about knives, don’t you? A sharp knife is a chef’s best friend! For a cook his knives are as important as a sharp scalpel for a surgeon and to prepare a superbly served dish, sliced to perfection, you need a super sharp surgical blade. I couldn’t ask more than what I’ve got from my chef gifts knife sharpener.


We eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and I like to slice them with their skin on. Why peal them off, if the skin carries the majority of vitamins and minerals? Unfortunately, I damaged my knives set while preparing pork and beef for a BBQ with friends. Luckily, one of them gave me a wet stone sharpening kit and, to my surprise, I could restore easily all my blades. They are now much sharper than they used to be and the wooden box set looks fantastic on my kitchen countertop.

Specifications and Features:

Stone Material: Corundum Stone dimensions: 7.09 x 2.36 x 1.18 inches (18 x 6 x 3 cm) Stone weight: 1.52 Lb (0.69 kg) Stone Grits: 400, 1000, 3000, 8000 Wooden parts: Bamboo Base + Lid Set dimensions: 8.4 x 3.7 x 4.7 inches (21.3 x 9.3 x 11.9 cm) Set weight: 4.45 Lb (2.02 kg) Components: 2 Sharpening stones, 2 silicone bases, 1 flattening stone, 1 angle guide, 1 cleaning cloth, 1 bamboo base, 1 bamboo lid Set available colours: Base: natural bamboo / Lid: natural bamboo or black

Q: Does the stone need to be soaked before use?

A: Yes, this type of stones must be soaked in water for about 20 minutes before each use and must be kept wet, by sprinkling water on it, during the sharpening process. The stone must be soaking wet at all time to enable a good sharpening and to prevent damaging the blade.

Q: Your stone does not seem to be making too many bubbles as other stones do when soaked in water. Why?

A: Our stone material, corundum, has been compacted to a level that nearly all air inside has been removed. This will lead to less bubbles when the stone is immersed in water, but not to less sharpening action. Actually, it is just the opposite.

Q: Can I use oil on the stone instead of water?

A: No, I am afraid. These are whetstones sharpening water stones that must be used with water only.

Q: Why is the degree angle guide supplied?

A: To help you keeping the blade to a constant angle of 14-16 degrees. That’s the right cutting angle for most of the knives.

Q: Can I use the stones on any type of knives and blades?

A: Yes, you can use it on any type of knives, as long as the blade is made of metal.

Q: What is the proper grit for sharpening a chef’s knife?

A: First 400-1000 unless the knife is chipped. Then 6-8000 to refine the edge.

Q: Can I use the stones to sharpen ceramic knives too?

A: No, I would recommend not to do it. A Bone has a hardness of about 3.5, steel knives about 6.5, ceramic knives about 9.5 and Diamonds are 10. Corundum, the material of what the stones are made of, is about 9. You need to use a stronger material than ceramic, like a diamond wheel knife sharpener for instance.

Q: How do I clean the stones after sharpening?

A: Very easily, rinse the stones with water until all metal mud has been completely removed. Remember to let the stones dry completely before storing them.

What happens when you get the best skilled woodworkers and the most experienced sharpening stone makers together? You will get the best knife sharpening kit ever and the most appealing ornamental piece for your kitchen countertop, but that wasn’t sufficient to give the best, so we put our whetstone knife sharpener stone kit to hard test for 6 months with a professional butcher, a chef and an ordinary family. The results were impressive. Scroll down to our listing to read what they said.
Top Quality Whetstone Sharpening Kit, Hands Crafted To Perfection: Ovanto knife sharpening stone set comes with a bamboo base + lid, magnificently handcrafted. The base has a non-slip highly functional rubber sheet to keep your wet stone steady on all surfaces. Our wet stone sharpening kit is supplied with 2 x dual premium corundum stones (4 different grits), 2 high grade silicone shock absorbers, to protect the bamboo base, a flattening stone, an angle guide, a cleaning cloth + user manual.
Knife Sharpeners Best Materials: Our 2 Knife Kit stones, each weighing 1.52 Lb, machine shaped under 220 US tons to maximize the wet stones density, are cured at 2370° F for 72 hours, to make them nearly as hard as diamond. The white corundum flattening stone will keep your sharpening stones in shape at all time. Angle guide made of premium ABS + ceramic, to enable a low friction and high resistance when sliding your knife on the stone. A cloth to clean off the gritted steel from your knife.
No Limits Knife Sharpener Kit: Our professional knife sharpener comes in 4 grits (400/1000-3000/8000) ideal for sharpening dull blades and polish them to an absolute perfection. Our kitchen knife sharpener can bring back to life any type of blades and kitchen knives, chef knife, steak knife, santoku knife, paring knife, sushi knife, cleaver knife, Japanese knife, butcher knife, paring knife, BBQ knife, hunting knife, pocket knife, scissor, chisel, razor, sward, machete and axe.
Full Guarantee: Ovanto knife sharpner set is made of top grade imported corundum, also known as aluminum oxide. Only the premium quality material used in our wet stone sharpening stone kit stands up as one of the best chefs choice knife sharpener in the market and this is the reason why we confidently offer a full guarantee against any proven defects. Ovanto chef knife sharpener is the ideal gift for cooks and cooking maniacs who could not live without a sharp knife in their kitchen.


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