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OBDMONSTER ELM327 USB FORScan OBD2 Adapter for F150 F250 Car and Light Truck, ELMconfig Scanner with MS CAN/HS CAN Switch, Diagnosis on Windows with V1.5 PIC18F25K80 Chip



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Product Description

Please install the CH340T USB DRIVER & FORScan Softwares before using, the download channel is SW/FORSCAN/NET (Please replace “/” with “.” ). If there are any issues to access the channel, please no hesitate to ask us.


If you are using the Windows 10 system and the adapter cannot work, please follow the steps below to make things right:

Step 1: Right-Click The Forscan Icon on Desktop——Choose “Properties”——Choose “Compatibility”——Select “Run this program in compatibility mode for”——Choose “Windows 7″——Select “Run this program as an administrator”——Choose “OK”

Step 2: Connect this adapter to laptop and Car, then turn the ignition on

If there are any further questions, please ask us.

Personalized Customization for Your Car

elm327 obd2 adapterelm327 obd2 adapter

What equipment do I need?

There are just 3 things you need in order to update these settings:

OBD-II adapter

Laptop running Microsoft Windows

Free FORScan software

elm327 forscan

elm327 forscan

obd2 scanner

obd2 scanner

forscan ford

forscan ford

Disable Daytime Running Lights

Add DRL option to the dashboard

Disable Double Honk Horn

It’s not cool to wake up a sleeping baby!

Auto-Fold Mirrors

It helps if you’ve parked in a small parking space. Also, it’s a great way to know at a glance if the truck is locked or not

obdii elm327 adapter

obdii elm327 adapter

elm327 ford

elm327 ford

obd2 scanner elm327

obd2 scanner elm327

Bambi Mode

Off-road driving in the dark, sometimes you just want as much light as possible, including fog lights to illuminate the sides of the trail

Show Engine & Transmission Temperatures

With this FORScan hack, you can see the numerical temperatures for the Engine coolant and transmission above the gauges .

With this hack, the dashboard will show the actual numerical temperature above each of the gauges. This only works on the 8″ digital dashboard clusters.

Enable the OEM Trailer Brake Controller

After you install the new trailer brake controller into the dash, you need to program and activate the Ipc using FORScan instead of taking your truck to the dealer

obd2 forscan adapterobd2 forscan adapter

Is it safe?

Yes, if done properly. But modifying settings via the OBD-II port needs to be done very carefully – making mistakes can potentially cause damage to the vehicle.

So please take caution to backup the cars configuration with the software in the event something doesn’t work as planned and check numbers three times before making changes

elm327 forscan obd2 adapterelm327 forscan obd2 adapter

read/erase fault codes from ALL modules Live Data access modules on both HS-CAN and MS-CAN mode read vehicle configuration injector coding programming adaptations Monitor the state of all modules

Live Data & Graphic Display

What’s more? Engine module:

Read and erase fault codes

It’s good to use it when buying a used car because a lot of people don’t tell you the real problems of the cars

Allows access to all electronic control units:

Engine, gearbox, ABS, Airbag, climate control etc, gives you the complete set of diagnostics on a wide range of manufacturers

ELM327 USB FORScan OBD2 Adapter: An easy OBDII USB ELM327 scanner——with MS CAN & HS CAN toggle switch——help you conveniently access, diagnose and configure the as-built data and the existing modules of your vehicle
Compatible with all F150 F250 and more(Cars & Fseries Trucks 12V), Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles, Ranger, S-Max, C-Max, Transit, Mondeo, Fusion, Kuga, Mustang, Explorer, Edge — 99% of models after 2000 and around 92% of models after 1996 (the year when OBD2 became a standard in USA). Note: New 2019+ Mazda 3 and CX-30 are not supported yet.
Special Functions on FORScan: Discover endless Mods with FORScan and apply them to your vehicle. You can access the Global Window feature, enable Bambi Mod, reverse tilt mirrors, make tire size correction, Perpendicular Park, Secure Idle, 5 turn signal flash, heated steering wheel, disabled double horn honk, disabled door ajar chime, and many more!
Supported Software: Forscan, ELMconfig, FoCCCus, FF2 [Can download the software from official website]; Supported operating systems: Windows versions – XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 [please install the CH340T USB driver before connecting the car]
How to Use: Download the software and CH340T USB driver, connect OBD2 USB adapter to your car, access your chosen ELM327-based software, and begin the vehicle diagnostics. Pls note! Does not work on trailers or semis


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