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MedeaWiz DV-S1 Sprite Looping HD Media Player – Seamless Audio Video Auto Repeater 1080p 60Hz HDMI, NTSC and PAL Outputs – Trigger Input and Serial Control



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Product Description

Sprite by MedeaWizSprite by MedeaWiz


Wiring Connections Rear PanelWiring Connections Rear Panel Wiring Connections Rear Panel

Power input. Regulated 5 Volts DC only. Center positive.
AV output. Composite video, stereo audio left and right.
HDMI high definition video with audio .
Control Input / Output. Push button / trigger / serial input and serial output.

MedeaWiz Sprite

High Definition Video Player

The MedeaWiz Sprite is a High Definition digital video repeater capable of HD 1080p HDMI output. It has a direct trigger input and a 2-way communications serial port. The Sprite will loop a video when power is applied, play a different video on a trigger or serial command, and then go back to the looping video. The Sprite has no black space when looping or changing files. It will hold the last frame of video until the first frame displays.

In the Trigger Input mode, you can use a pushbutton, other dry contact, or voltage level change, with your choice of a High or a Low transition trigger. In the Serial Control Mode you can have a looping video and control other videos to play on command.

Supported formatsSupported formats

Supported Formats


WMV (VC-1,WMV7, WMV8 max bitrate: 40Mbs)) // VOB (MPG2 max bitrate: 45Mbps) // PMP (Xvid, H.264 max bitrate:50Mbps) // RM/RMVB ( RV8/9 max bitrate:30Mbps) // MPG(Mpeg1,Mpeg2 max bitrate:45Mbps) // M2TS (Mpeg2 H.264 max bitrate:40Mbps) // FLV(H.263,H.264 max bitrate:50Mpbs) // AVI (Xvid, H.264 max bitrate:50Mbps) // TS/TP(Mpeg2,H.264,VC-1 max bitrate:40Mbps) // MP4/M4V (Xvid,H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps) / MOV (Xvid, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps) // MKV (Mpeg2,RMVB,WMV9,Xvid,H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)



Audio MP3 (all max bitrate:320kbps) WMA (standard/pro max bitrate:384kbps) OGG (Q1-Q10 500kbs) FLAC (lever0-8 max bitrate:1.60mbps) APE (max bitrate: 950kbps) AAC (max bitrate 448kbps) AC3 (AC3 only 640kbps) DTS (Dts only 3.84Mbps)

The Sprite comes with:



A/V Cable

A/V Cable

I/O Plug

I/O Plug

AC Adapter

AC Adapter

IR Remote Control

We use a generic remote control that is used for various models of video repeaters and DVD players. Not all buttons / functions will respond, and some are only valid in certain modes. Most of our Customers will only use the remote for initial setup of the repeater. This is an IR control, and needs to be pointed directly at the front of the Sprite. The Sprite may respond to some other device’s IR remote in unwanted ways.

AV cable, 3.5mm 4 pole to RCA

Use the Red RCA to send commands to the Sprite, the yellow RCA for the Sprite to report back to your control, and the white RCA for 5V power from the Sprite. We suggest you cover the unused RCA plugs with electrical tape to avoid shorting the power supply and burning the internal fuse. If you get a cable elsewhere, check to see that the wiring is the same. We have seen some cables where the red, yellow and white RCA are wired to different poles on the 3.5mm plug.

I/O plug, 3.5mm 4 pole to screw terminals

The screw terminal adaptor shown above on the right is now included with the Sprite. The Sprite can supply 5 Volts DC on the I/O port for your micro-controller at up to 100 mA.

AC adaptor, 100 to 240 Volt AC input, 5 Volt DC output

The Sprite is one of the most energy efficient ‘green’ video repeaters available. Using only 5 Volt DC power at an average of 400 mA, it takes only about 2 Watts to run. The Sprite requires a regulated 5 Volt DC power supply, which is included. The power connection takes a barrel plug with 1.35mm ID and 3.5mm OD, center Positive.

✅ POWERFUL & ENERGY EFFICIENT: Supports up to 1080p 60Hz video. Using only 5 Volt DC power at an average of 400 mA, it takes only about 2 Watts to run
✅ EASY TO USE: On-Screen configuration menu. No programming required. Trigger by push button, voltage change or serial command.
✅ MULTIFUNCTION: Can play most types of digital files from SD memory card or USB drive. It supports more than 30 popular video, audio and image formats
✅ CONVENIENT TO USE: There is no black space when looping or changing video files. Begins play when power is applied. No need to push buttons every time
✅ RELIABLE DESIGN: Built to last with long-life capacitors, solid copper heat-sink and aluminum case. Small size and light weight. Fits any space


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