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E-HEELP Electric Car Jack Kit 5Ton 12V Hydraulic Car Jack Lift with Electric Impact Wrench for SUV MPV Sedan Truck Change Tires Garage Repair



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Product Description

car jackcar jack

The E-HEELP team is committed to providing people with faster and more convenient vehicle emergency repair tools.

This electric car jack is driven by electro-hydraulic, and the powerful motor can lift the vehicle within 2 minutes. The impact wrench equipped in this kit can change the tires quickly. The display on the electric jack can make it easier to monitor the tire pressure of the car tires. The two power supply methods can meet more vehicle maintenance demands.

We also considered the replacement of vehicle tires under extreme conditions. The LED lights of the hydraulic jack can help you easily find the lifting area in the dark light. If you are inconvenient to go to a car repair shop or travel long distances, our electric car jack can help you travel comfortably.



Safety Valve

Safety Valve



impact wrench

impact wrench

E-HEELP electric car jack is equipped with LED function, even in the dark, the operator can clearly see the situation under the car.

E-HEELP hydraulic car jack is equipped with safety valve, you can use the small hexagonal in the electric car jack kit to loose the car jack manually in an emergency.

The barometer is necessary, and it is installed on the rear end of the car jack. The barometer and operation buttons are put together, which is more convenient for the operator to operate.

The maximum tire pressure should not be greater than 350kpa.

E-HEELP impact wrench adopts ergonomic design and uses the best quality shell and grip materials, ensures a secure grip and around-the-clock comfort while working.

How to use?

car jackcar jack

car jack

car jack

impact wrench

impact wrench

air pump

air pump

Electric Car Jack

Input voltage: DC 12V
Maximum current: 15A
Rated power: 180W
Maximum loading: 5T
Lifting height range: 6.1-17.7 inch
Power cord length: 137.8 inch

Electric Impact Wrench

Operation Voltage: 12V DC
Max. Current: 13A
Fuse: 15A
Rated Power: 80W
Max. Torque: 480 N.M

Inflator (Built-in)

Air flow: 35l/min
Working current: 10A
Maximum pressure: 150psi
Hose length: in/600mm

electric car jack kitelectric car jack kit

Q: What if my elecatric car jack can’t lower?

A: It is because the safty valve of the car jack is too tight. Please use the small hex wrench in the electric car jack kit to loosen, the bar will lower then. Attention: Please remember to tighten the safety valve after the bar is lowered.

Q: What if my fuse blew out?

A: E-HEELP electric car jack kit is equipped with 2 spare fuses.

Q: What should I do if can’t resolve the problems when use the electric car jack?

A: You can just contact E-HEELP if you have any problems when using the electric car jack. We promise to reply you within 24 hours

Package List Electric car jack * 1PC Impact wrench * 1PC Power cable * 1PC Battery clip with cable * 1PC Fuse * 2PC Socket * 2PC Safety hammer * 1PC User manual * 2PC



Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
Electric car jack must be placed on the flat ground, do not exceed the MAX load weight(5T).
Please run once without load before use. If something goes wrong, stop using it.
No one is allowed to enter the bottom of the car during the work of the electric jack.
Car jack need to pause for 20 minutes after 15 minutes of continuous working. Do not operate continuously for a long time.
Pay attention to waterproof measures.

Orange Black Black & Green Black Orange Black

Max. Capacity
5T 5T 5T 5T 5T 15T

Lifting Range
6.1~17.7 inches 6.1~17.7 inches 6.1-20.86 inches 6.1~17.7 inches 6.1~17.7 inches 7.8-20.4 inches

Power Cord
11.5 ft. (3.5m) 11.5 ft. (3.5m) 11.5 ft. (3.5m) 11.5 ft. (3.5m) 11.5 ft. (3.5m) 16.4 ft. (5m)


Air pump

Impact wrench

Digital display

[Poweful Car Jack] Electric car jack is hydraulic driven, it can lift vehicles within 5 ton in less than 2 mins to its Max. height (lifting range: 6.1-17.7 inch). The high power engine installed in the hydraulic jack nearly matches all the autos, sedan, SUV, MPV, pickup and truck. The powerful hydraulic srenth is more competitive than an other car jacks.
[Change Tires Easily] Car jack hydraulic type can be supplied with two methods: cigar lighter and car battery. We recommend the car battery to our customers, the current would be more stable. Tire pumping inflator is installed in the floor jack, equipped with tire pressure display, you are able to monitor the tire pressure easily. If you are a guy who is not used to use normal car jack and has never changed a tire, you’ll be amazed how easy and quick it is.
[Portable Impact Wrench] This electric car jack kit contains a portable ergonomic-designed electric impact wrench and two sleeves with two sizes, matching more vehicles in the market. Powerful motor and precisely-designed speed control system, making it possible to screw/unscrew in a very short time. This electric car jack kit can save you a lot of time and energy.
[Multi-scene Application] This portable car lift with two LED lights helps find your lifting area and illuminate your working environment even in the dark midnight. Plus, hydraulic car jack and power cable connecters are waterproof, works even on rainy days. Whether in your home garage, road trip, car repair shop, farm or halfway emergency, this kit is truly multi-applied.
[All for Your Security] When hydraulic jack reaches its MAX height or the weight exceed its MAX loading weight, the smart overload protection system starts working, electric jack will automatically stop lifting. If emergency occurred on the halfway, the red triangle outside the electric car jack kit can be served as a caution sign, just place it behind your car. The electric car jack kit ensures the safety of the operator and the car.


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