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ANCEL BM700 Full Diagnostic Scan Tool for BMW Automotive, All Systems OBD2 Scanner Car Battery Registration Code Reader with ABS CBS Oil EPB SAS Fuel Pump Reset DPF Regen



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ANCEL is a global leader in automotive diagnostic technology, providing software development, maintenance, updates and customer services related to automotive testing to its customers. ANCEL is committed to solving automotive aftermarket problems cost-effectively, efficiently and conveniently.

Our Vision

We strive to make friends with our customers with excellent products and quality services, and to be the company most trusted by our customers.

Our Mission

To provide professional, efficient and high quality automotive diagnostic products so that every car owner around the world can enjoy a better life made possible by technology.

Our Value

The company constantly strives for product quality, technology, design and sustainability and adheres to the spirit of people-oriented and innovative efforts to make great contributions in the field of automotive technology.

Automotive diagnostic tools

Full System Diagnosis For BMW: Most OBD2 scanners only support the read and clear codes of the BMW engine system or a small number of systems. But BM700 diagnostic scanner is able to read and clear fault codes of all major systems, including engine, airbag, transmission, ABS, SAS, SRS, EPB, DPF, TPMS, supports body, chassis, powertrain and all control modules. And it can also reset ABS, reset SAS, reset TPMS, reset airbag, transmissions learning and so on.
Car Maintenance Made Easy: Most BMW OBD2 scanners require additional payment for expensive manufacturer-level diagnostics features, but BM700 says NO! It guides you step-by-step through simple car maintenance fixes such as battery registration and reset service light. Including reset oil service, reset parking brake, reset fuel pump, DPF regeneration, injectors adjustments and provides 22 special CBS reset & correct functions. Not only save money and time, but also get a good car maintenance.
Full OBD-Level Diagnostics: For BMW and other car brands, BM700 can be used to reading and clearing trouble codes and turning off the CEL when an engine check engine light comes on. It can not only accurately determine codes and possible causes, but also perform I/M readiness, read data stream, EVAP system test, retrieve vehicle information number (VIN), saving vehicle owners a lot of time and money in maintenance.
Clarity of Information: Most OBD2 scanners are meant for people with slightly more expertise in cars since they will display more raw data. But BM700 is meant for beginners and professionals. Because BM700 via the 2.8″ TFT 262K true color LCD display screen to display the test results, and the data is usually displayed in a highly understandable way. The BM700 will be the one where you can clearly read out and understand the information that the device is displaying.
Lifetime Free Update: Some OBD2 scanners have updates on their system. you might have to purchase a new version of the device every time there is a system update. However, BM700 provides free software upgrades for life. The new parameters and functions added in 2022 are at your fingertips, and the latest vehicle data is constantly updated.
7/24 TECHNICAL SUPPORT: ANCELs official store offers a 30-day money back guarantee, hassle-free warranty and lifetime customer support. For technical support and any problems with the order, please contact us via buyer-seller messages to solve the problem.


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