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2D Wireless Barcode Scanner,JRHC Portable Inventory Scanner & Data Collector 2.4G Bar Code Reader Long Transmission Distance with 2.8 Inch LCD Screen for Werehouse,Library,Pharmacy,Supermarket,Store




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Product Description

wireless 2d barcode scannerwireless 2d barcode scanner

Multifunctional Portable Wireless LCD Barcode Scanner

S-6606 is a 4-in-1 bar code scanner that integrates a high-efficiency barcode reader, a large-capacity collector, an accurate counter and a wireless receiver.


Model S6606T is suitable for scanning 1D and 2D codes.

1D code: Codabar, Code 11, Code93, MSI, Code 128, UCC/EAN-128, Code 39, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, ISBN, Industrial 25, Interleaved 25, Standard25

2D Code:QR, DataMatrix, PDF417, Aztec, Micro PDF417. It also supports reading the QR code on the screen of other smart devices.

Powerful identification code of 2D barcode scanner

inventory scannerinventory scanner

After scanning the code, The wireless barcode scanner will be sent to your computer immediately, the data will be saved automatically if there is no connection or signal, and it will be sent automatically if there is a signal. During the scanning process, you can scan for corrupted barcodes, such as collapsed, blurry, or partially missing, etc.


1: Supported devices are devices with USB ports, such as desktops and laptops;

2: Does not support connection to mobile phones, laptop or other Bluetooth devices;

3: Does not support POS cash register system

4: When connecting the receiver, first set it to enter the “wireless setting”, and then insert the wireless USB receiver, you can successfully match

2d barcode scanner

2d barcode scanner

store inventory scanner

store inventory scanner

bar code reader

bar code reader

Large capacity collection

When doing warehousing, logistics, library management, etc., the collection function plays a very important role in the work, because it can turn off the repeated code settings and improve work efficiency.

Trabsmission Distance

The maximum distance of this wireless barcode scanner is 150M under barrier-free conditions, and it can reach 50M under obstacles and indoors.

23 keys of barcode scanner

The keyboard of the counter is made of silicone material with 23 keys, which is easy to operate and has a longer service life.

Decomposition of the outgoing steps of the inventorybarcode scanner

1d barcode scanner

1d barcode scanner

2D Barcode Scanner

2D Barcode Scanner

barcode reader

barcode reader

2D barcode reader

2D barcode reader

First step

It is favored by sellers as

“counter master”, no

matter how complicated

your product category is,

it will bring a lot of help to

your inventory management.

The first step: “scan code” in inventory mode

Step 2

Step 2: Product inventory count

The operation is as follows: Click “Export”-“Inventory export”-“Keyboard export mode”-“Single lib export”

Step 3

Step 3: Inventory data export format

The operation is as follows: Click “Export”-“Export Settings”-“Inventory Format”“LibNo-TAB-Barcode-TAB-Number-TAB-Time-Enter”

Step 4

Step 4: Export the status of the TXT.

When exporting, first open the TXT text format file, plug in the USB wireless receiver in the computer, and then click the “Inventory export-keyboard export mode-All lib export” of the scanner.

barcode scanner librarybarcode scanner library

Multi-scenario application

For a warehouse manager, courier operator, medical drug manager or librarian, it is really necessary to have a multi-function scanner like our product.

The 2D barcode scanner has powerful functions, so the applicable scene is still Many, such as: stores, supermarkets, warehouses, medical, logistics, libraries, etc., the store inventory scanner can improve your work efficiency and allow you to easily solve inventory management problems.

【Multi-function Barcode Scanner】 :This inventory scanner is a 3-in-1 multi-function wireless barcode scanner, which integrates USB barcode scanner, collector, and inventory counter, which can realize the function of fixed asset management. 1D 2D barcode scanner is mainly used in warehouses, medical and cosmetic stores. , Supermarkets, banks, logistics, shops, etc.
【Fast Decoding Capability】 :This bar code scanner can read 1D barcodes and 2D codes in all directions. Identify 1D: Codabar, Code 11, Code93, MSI, Code 128, EAN,UPC,Code 39, UPC-A, ISBN, Industrial 25, Standard25, Matrix; Recognize 2D: QR, DataMatrix, PDF417, Aztec, Micro PDF417. Hand held scanner can also read the QR code on the screen of other smart devices.
【Up to 150M Long-distance Transmission】 :The store inventory scanner is connected to the computer through a 2.4G wireless USB receiver, supports WINDOWS XP/7/8/10 system, and is compatible with office software such as WORD/EXCEL/Text; the transmission distance of 2d barcode scanner can reach when there is no obstacle outdoors 150M, 50M in interference environment or indoor.
【Convenient operation】 :The shape of the qr barcode scanner is composed of a HD color screen and 26 buttons, which is convenient to carry and can be put in pants or clothing pockets; at the same time, wireless 2d barcode scanner is equipped with a 2.4G wireless USB receiver, which is plug and play, and can be paired with the portable barcode scanner within 3 seconds Success; and the scanner supports three languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese.
【1400MAH Large Capacity Battery】 :The barcode scanner for library has a built-in lithium polymer battery, which can be charged using a USB data cable. The capacity is 1400MAH. The scanner for barcodes can be fully charged in about two hours and can be used for 20-40 hours. Help you extend working hours and increase workload.


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